undoubtedly contraction of the right field and it seemed normal. It would

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cathartics for many patients, in addition to the colder waters. One or 2

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pyorrhoea eradicated and the gums properly treated. The patient should

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comfort or undue injury to the tissues. Qalliot's guide is the simplest.

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eyes. The visual area of the brain lies in the occipital lobes.

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mortality of only 5 per cent, in a series of soldiers so treated among tke

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four deaths. Laparotomy was performed in three cases ; all recovered.

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of the trocar and canula, free drainage, and the injection of carbolic acid

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by which such physiological ebb tides are brought about has not yet been

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the bladder more easily. In one cas^ about a month after the admin-

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companions, who had not seen the snake, laughed at his statement, saying it was

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not long since little or no provision was made for most cases of infectious

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stoppage of the nostrils in acute coryza, and their permanent enlargement

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its cathartic action to the senna leaves it contains. One or two floall

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' the stomach. This is best relieved by hot applications, or by Priess-

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Treatment of the Pedicle in Ovariotomy is the title of a paper, by Dr.

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DncT. — ^During the fever and for some time afterwards the diet must

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to avert any symptoms of intoxication, we should abandon the stroBger

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reappearance of sugar (even if under 0.5 per cent.) shows us that we

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substance of stimulating fluids; but he points out a very important prelimi-

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ovulation does not always necessarily accompany menstruation, as is wit-

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just described. The same apparatus may be used or a glass irrigator of

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presence in the blood can be readily recognized by chemical tests, and in

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138 Burnett, Oliver, Dropsy of the Left Middle Ear. [Jan.

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that a milk diet increases the chances of a secondary moatfa infedioBiiDh

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hours) , a small piece of delicate fish, wine jelly, cocoa, tea with milk, iwie-

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