desperate, and an incision was made in the left inguinal region, in order to search
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Dr. Russell Murdoch, of Baltimore, showed Some Improvements in
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she vomited three or four successive times, ejecting a quantity of slime.
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Pure hemorrhages into the pleural cavity should also be given all
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century B. C. But certain German scholars have maintained that this is
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cyanide and the formation of Prussian blue. Brouardel and Boutmy asserted
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in the Med. Record, N. Y., 1875, x. 62, by Dr. H. G. Piffard, would
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caused by the too free ingress of irritating currents of air, and the resultant continual
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and the affections of the eye, and even has a favorable influence on the
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such an anatomical surface, and particularly in such a locality, constitutes
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Gastric Crises. By Robert Kirkland, M.B., of Cheltenham, England . 462
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into Bellevue Hospital, in August, 1883, a rather small, but naturally mus-
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his physical resistance, all enter the problem, which must therefore be t
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inch and a half in length was made in the direction of the cord, commencing
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trocar, when it could easily have been found by a careful dissection carried
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various methods of treatment. The treatment by the plaster was, in the first
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does not seem efficient, I rarely employ either sodium, ammonium or the
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more important than colour, deeply stained silver preparations frequently
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Symftokatio Therapy. — ^The symptomatic therapy of chronic paren-
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add diathesiSy the simple alkaline qprings are most suitable; €4/^
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new invasion of tissue by the disease. Upon the second day of the dis-
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While still awaiting a detailed report from the Bockefdler Hosjutal,
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the masses of cotton, remove all the dressing and repack, rather than insure
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so gradually and at such intervals as to carry the patient to full doses
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