following. How common it is for his attention to be called to the "baby's

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they could not be separated. The lung, on section, was dry and pale. In the

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tion. Its efficacy is due to 0.10 per cent, of colchicine. Like the tincture

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it referred to elsewhere, viz., the exceeding pepperiness it develops in

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symptoms he advises 1-1.3 G. (15-20 gr.) of the bisulphate every 2 or

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end and the bulb, the contents of the stomach tube wiU be forced bad^

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pneumonia in its different stages, lie aims to show what the mutual rela-

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the last two decades become endemic at many widely separated points in

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elbow. He now consulted a physician, and told him the history of the

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no change after being long kept in water; so while the blood-globules are

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An Examination of some Controverted Points of the Physiology of Voice, especially

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1 The tendon of insertion into the radius, and the bicipital fascia.

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of cold are shown by the number of cases of severe dyspepsia in Aii^riea

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Under the first class may be placed the cases of Cow per, Monteggia,

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together with rest and a regulated diet, emollient cataplasms, and nar-

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served one serious and permanent reaction. Walker and Haller employed

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eruption considered in itself; and, secondly, its remote cause or origin. As

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striking results of chronic rheumatic disease should be found was not to be ex-

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but its anatomical character spoils what might otherwise be a neat and

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old was an intelligent child. At that time he began to see dimly, and at last

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action," but now it is considered desirable to avoid, if possiUe^ all

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inclination to diarrhoea, as it has a tendency to make the bowels loose. It

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are usoaUy sufficient, but if the fall of temperature usually following

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