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visible in the organ in conjunction with the general wide-spread visceral

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a few words only being spoken, and he became blind in both eyes. He was con-

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12 M. Four ounces of beef-tea, one ounce of whiskey, and ten grains ot

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visual area of the brain they are cited here ; only those cases being given

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plished by the adoption of the most concise descriptions ; sometimes, per-

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That of phthisis or destruction of the lung. The description of the

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able, to point out some of the faults which diminish its usefulness. Bar-

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inspection the redness and swelling appeared less ; lochia more offensive.

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regards we do not think the author has done quite so well as in that first

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Inoperable Cases. — There are always some inoperaUe cases: (1)

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section. In s(»ne cases the patient must be forcibly supported and madi

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eases of infectious diseases with material of great practical value. It is

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several times to the mad dog. "Yes, it was the dog," "I know it was the

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best to digress somewhat, in order to take up briefly the general subject

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gradually by the additicm of new foods (see p. 488). Very cold food

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me, is a very important matter. It is very much cheaper than such carbolic acid

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dose of bicarbonate of soda in powder or taUets, c^ as soda-mint tablets,

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was compressed by an ovoid tumour attached to the membranes, 1^ inches in

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Beside the ordinary obesity caused by over-indulgence, two other foms

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that this was, in the great majority of cases, due to the influence of cold acting on

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notice in these pages. In the same connection, the subject of general

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treatment by aalvarsan are all potent factors in tending to hmit Ifae

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taining iron and phosphorus^ is to be recommended. Since its phos-

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dressing was changed for the first time on the 14th day, and the wound