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sium gargles for three or four days. Dr. Adhoui objects to this method of washing

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upon itself was soaked in carbolic acid, 2\ per cent., and laid on the parts.

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combined. Joseph D. Weis recommends the hypodermic use of emete

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side should slip ; and what probability was there, that organs, so continuous in

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severe pain. Rotation of the humerus with the arm at the side was noiseless,

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ened. An abscess was found on the inner side of the tumour which had

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1 Read before the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, Dec. 3, 1883.

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fireplaces. 7. Dry heat and steam. These means can only be used in special

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It goes without saying that such a course implies and requires a knowledge

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and its disappearance when they are kept in bed. The urolnlin is merelj

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where open sinuses still exist and lead down between the bones. The operation

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anaemia of the larynx. This anoemia is not unfrequently conjoined with

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Transactions of the Saint Louis Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, 1882-83. St.

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opium (10-20 drops), morphine 0.10-0.30 G. (1^-4% gr.), cocaine or

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before meals. This water is almost tdways agreeable to the patient aod

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rate steps of this treatment, suffice it to say that it consisted in restoring

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In response to an invitation from the Secretary of the Fourth Inter-

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ness, then refusal of breast, spasms occurring 12 hours later. The dis-

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ening of the left arm. I could distinctly make out the two fractures,

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severe darting pains in the side when she coughs; soreness of the abdomen

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from recent cases of typhoid fever, and then incubated for five days.

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eggs or gelatinous foods substituted. Milk, farinaceous foods, T^etaUo,

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the municipal or local, and the central or governmental, the rules pre-

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firmed diabetes, if neglected. The distinguishing of the diathetic from