for the rest of the year. If a mountcdn climate is contraindicated, tlis
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neural injections into the nerves supplying the infected portion of the
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tincture of iodine and water three or four times a day until the slough has sepa-
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stances of rupture or dislocation of the biceps tendon, partial luxation of
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From the Author. ā€” De Inflammatione Ossium eorumque Anatome
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Surgical Journal. Boston Journal of Chemistry. Buffalo Medical and Surgical
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their origin in a hereditarily transmissible delicate habit of body, accom-
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Autopsy. ā€” The entire left occipital lobe, the parietal convolutions, and the cen-
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able waters for this purpose are those containing carbon dioxide, which
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The sphincter ani was torn and powerless. He performed left anterior colotomy
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Dr the ordinary enema, wiU be discussed later on. .
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During the first six days the temperature did not rise above 99 JĀ°. The
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favors strained oatmeal jelly. The former uses mucilaginous soups pre-
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that of the eight cases of the table, in all of which this symptom was
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means of cotton-wool wrapped round a vulcanite stem or sea-tangle. It is not
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thoracotomy, except for a residual pleural fistula.
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in cases involving the most momentous issues, nay, in many the questions
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certain that the first trial miscarried and that the process must be
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without the least shortening of the skin of the lid. 2. That on this account it
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The mucous glands are racemose, and open into the bronchus by a trum-
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" anti-tuberculous" properties of iodoform, he points out the fallacy of
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years with moderation in all things. As far as drugs are coneenied,
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inflammation and no necrotic layers were seen around the plugged vessels. Sec-
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Bellevue near Kiel, Binz and Breege (on the idand of Biigen), Gliicks-
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Accurate laboratories and well organized Health Departm^its wi&
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a discussion of the causes of flat-foot, and the mechanism of its production. The
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Esq. 1 ā€” The author's motive in relating the above-named case, the subject of
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increase the patient's discomfort In general, heat is pieferatde to coid.
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is equivalent to this, two distinct venereal poisons, one giving rise to hard
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corpora geniculata ; a.'b. fibres which do not decussate in the chiasm : a. b.' fibres which de-
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all cases. Inveterate smoken who lose their appetites and beeome
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Although the milk products (milk, fermented milk, kefir, freflb cheev)
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if necessary, to 2-3 G. (30-45 gr.). The c^ystem does not become habitu-
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a recapitulation to give it in full ; suffice it to say that Sir James Paget's
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