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The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Spinal Cord. By W. R. Gowers, M.D., F.R.C.P.,

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products. The inflammatory oedema increasing, causes a compression ot

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All utensils and dishes should be boiled, preferably in a solution of soda,

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The examination of the eyes showed the left to be entirely healthy,

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lary substance, because death usually takes place too soon for their formation ;

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note that in those cited no therapeutic agent was resorted to ; the only

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valvular affections, particularly in producing hypercemic conditions of the

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The specific therapy of tuberculosis is carried out according to flie

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well to endure the ordinary demands of town life. San Diego (40 ft),

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By the use of small doses of the powder or tincture he has obtained good

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"it can serve no good purpose to compare them with either mucous or

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Adjuvant^ properly belongs to the department of sQrmptomatie therapy.

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Case XIIL Glioma in the Frontal Lobe. — Female presented no symptoms of

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(1^^2^ qt.) of a % per cent, aqueous solution of tannin, giTiDg i

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In -view of th^ fact that we hare no specific seram-treatment for

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Very excellent fac-similes of the various handwritings are given, which

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peritonitis sufficiently early to promise a good result, he would open the abdo-

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body weight and general condition, once with the entire disappearance

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toQgii^ aalmon, and lobster, anchoTj paste, 1-2 tabiespoonfols.

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intermission for a few days; the pulse often sinks from 140-160 to 80-

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through the tube of the stomach-pump into the stomach. About two

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by Kobert, who uses hemol cuprated or cuprohemol (hemoglobin com-

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perhaps, to speak more correctly, that the head of the bone in such instances is

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Any form of brain lesion, abscess, embolic softening, hemorrhage,

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and Ear Hospital, Surgeon and Aural Surgeon to the Royal Society of

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the dark congested state of the middle and lower ones. The surface of

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motion of the pronated forearm under these favourable circumstances,