eating, cardiac distress). In such cases we must make the diet and the
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stream. As for the others (e.g., sodium bromide, potasdum chlorate, and
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been to the progress of medicine, and he is an ardent believer in the
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by which such physiological ebb tides are brought about has not yet been
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during life. I cordially approve the author's dietetic, balneological, and
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a mottled-red colour. Dimensions were S| X 3 X %i inches ; weight 7 oz.
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that: 10 cases of mitral stenosis with mitral insufficiency aggregate 554 years;
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physicians can have any practical knowledge of the subject. The descrip-
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of the tendon, and before we can accomplish our object this must be divided,
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.3 O. (4^ gr.). To avoid the rapid development of cart>o& dioxide,
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physician selected there and the care with which the patient follows hii
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blood-corpuscles, which, under the influence of cold, and possibly carbonic acid,
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are, for the most part, well reasoned out and definitely expressed.
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the desirability of giving a good deal of fat. It is as easy for the patient
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have borne syphilitic children to syphilitic fathers, and who have since remained
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gouty diathesis. Oysters are permissible ; crabs and lobsters, forbidden on
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' If this and the following combinations are too sweet, a portion of the lactose
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The refraction was traced through the whole term of four years, in the
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The plan of treatment adopted by the Royal Army Medical Corps
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for sending such patients to one of the well-known Springs so extensively
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inconvenience, the dangers of a serious result hardly warrant the advice
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onsiats of oysteis, findy divided meat, which must be slowly and care-
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himself, that in a tuberculous subject, all the tissues of the body, no
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By J. Graham Brown, M.D., late Senior President of the Royal
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In 85 cases the primary attack was treated with sodium or ammonium
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to commend in it. It is sufficiently clear and explicit in many respects,
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meat jelly. The latter is prepared as follows: Boil a fowl or some beef
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Church, M.D., and John Langton, F.R.C.S. Vol. XVIII. 8vo.
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Case XXXIV. Amnesic Aphasia — Male, set. 52, was suddenly seized with
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stated that the patient is obliged to be out at night, and in all weathers
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has always been remarkably good. Fourteen years ago (before his marriage)
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authors report great improvement in the blood from the use of "gaster-
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same ; it was not any less difficult of performance ; but there is a tech-
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The chapter on syphilis, as far as the theoretical part of it is concerned,
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The author's work is arranged in a series of tables which very clearly
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smaller doses; otherwise, as experience has shown, single symptoms at
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came under the author's own military experience, cases in which anasmia