state of nutrition (dee p. 230). It must be expressly stated, however,

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the arm, and this had steadily gone on increasing. The elbow-joint also became

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the superior and inferior cerebral arteries, which supply the basal ganglia

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reflex was found to be due to the dense yellowish opacity of the anterior

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bacilli are completely pulverized in an agate mortar, suspended in water,

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The following are, the results obtained in ten experiments made in the

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and which has been either cooked almost to pieces in a steamer, or else

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good results from this from his previous history in connection with the

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dence aim too much at making legal doctors, rather than medical experts.

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cells, which, as we pass downward into the different layers of the corium,

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A layer of brain substance, both anterior and posterior to the tumour, was soft-

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and those we are describing. Barnes writes of certain growths as occupy-

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tioD is in the small intestine, irrigation may be of use to ibe patient by

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than are now supposed to occur. The other important features of this article

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has heen no glycosuria, a slight addition to the diet is made after each

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nine months after receiving a blow on the head ; but not to a degree sufficient to

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other device. He ahould not be allowed to get up for at least a

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conditions are primarily necessary: the patient must receive the bort

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means, enabling the operator to judge definitely as to the position, form, and

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comply with it. Lbhlein, on the contrary, states that it is not necessary to re-

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Per a discussion of their effect and the method of giving them, see p. 288.

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The third case is cited by Hirschberg in the Archives of Ophthalmology , vol.

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operation, 17 between 2 and 3 years^ 7 for 1 to 2 years and 7 for S

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the Continent. With us it is killed younger, hung less time, and is less

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pustular affections have not the favous but the achores pustule for the basis

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