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cases of aneurism of the posterior tibial. The paper does not require-
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These ordinary methods, when the throat is accesdble, consist of: (1)
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grows cool, and the individual begins to feel chilly. The compress is now
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Mr. G. TT. Callender, in an article on Dislocations of Muscles and their
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Transfusion of blood. Died on twelfth day, exsanguinated."
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Arsenic Poisoning. — Of the arsenic compounds two may be reg a rded
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Rademann's Preserved Fruits " in Barker's Gluten Food " C " 7.7
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Winckel 4 saw it three times in one thousand and eleven cases.
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worth nor add to the dignity of a standard text-book.
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pneumothorax, thoracotomy or resection of a rib should be undertaken,
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