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tion are not infrequently quite as bright as are those of measles, and they

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the ear muscles, when they may be scratched <^. It is especially unde-

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ment membrane and desquamation of the superficial layer of epithelium

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The appearance of each new volume of this most important work is a

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distinguishing the two : ' Eclampsia differs from epilepsy in the frequent occur-

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eflSciency of carbon dioxide baths unless a myocardial insufficiency co-

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themselves by a destruction of the diseased tissues^ hemorrhage, and tte

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the monthly period, or, at least, are only sufficiently annoying at that

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varied in amount, interfered with proper respiration, and was remedied in

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Gull and Sutton in regard to the causative influence of a condition of

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pale-whitish hue, extremely hard (it having been preserved in alcohol),

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disfiguring black specks in the gums. It is best to avoid altogether tooSi-

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the disease occurs in the latter the tendency is to greater severity of type,

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frequency with which it strikes the abdomen. To accomplish its purpose,

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If the above cure fails, and only th^ he adds the use of enemas, and

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tremity of the right optic thalamus, quite within the pulvinar. Corp. quad., corp.

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Prevention of Bedsores. — ^To avoid the danger of bedsores the pft>

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drinks should be given only in small quantities frequently r^ieatel

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at iJhie hip joint and flexed almost to a right angle at the knee. The rest

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rastis, the fluidextract of witoh hazel, lead acetate, epinephrin, the

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Both these cases were treated by the continuous application of ice.

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the ingestion of fat diminishes the gastric secretion. Besides fat» g^rape

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XXIII. Centuria di parti prematuri artificiali provocati. Dal Dottor Cesare

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most excruciating pain, and generally even then only a sin^e bypo-

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in which the injections apparently eacid not be tolerated^ and 1 case of

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once heartily, symptoms recurring after laying it down.

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zensbad. None of them, to be sure, contains over 0.02 per cent, of

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in a ease of severe puerperal osteomalacia in which several mcmths'

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Prof. Porro, of Milan, has saved four women out of five ; Dr. Fehling, of

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of one who has had an unusually large experience in the treatment of the

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completed under a week or nine days. I may observe that bromine does not act

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levalose or daily three enemas each oontaming 200-250 e.e. (&-8 os.) of

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The general treatment of valvular lesions is an admirable chapter on

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or more of the patients djring, while the cases due to organinni of

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forded the respiration becomes permanent if the pneumatic diamber ii

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crushed through. Under these circumstances, a double ligature should be passed

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they are well cooked and daintily served. Small quantities of hnni^

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tal. His treatment appears to have been most judicious. The whole