••12. Large polypi may, if causing hemorrhage, be removed at once, with a
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3tomach^-can be decided best by contrasting the diseases of the stomach
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Case IX. Abscess of the Frontal Region. — Male, aet. 31. suffered from
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cry out, "Where's my children?" " Why don't Menasseh come?" '* Where's
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particularly mustard baths, 50-100 G. (1^^ oz.) of mustard flour in a
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types of the disease, we may advantageously consider the following re-
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Meynert's bundle; q. a. corp. quadrigemina ant.: p. c. posterior cornu of lateral ventricle;
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s an habitual smoker, for, besides its psychical effect, smoking is of
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tific Very encouraging resoItB have recently been reported from- the
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abated in violence, and the sputa became thin and reddish. In a few days
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consequences of renal insufficiency as dropsy and ursemic intoxication.
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has been properly performed, but in no case have I heard of its resistance
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In the Revue Scientifique, No. 3, July, 1883, appeared an abstract of Professor
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greenish-white, tasteless and odorless flakes, with the same dosage as
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sions; no hallucinations; no vomiting. Was able to walk on the 21st with
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may favor the formation of oxalic acid stones, or more often, of calcium
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great and increasing; retardation. It is difficult to understand how the
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between the maxima and minima numbers are in general more strikingly
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may also be tried. If cystitis is not present, simple manual-expresskm
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of an abundant, serous exudate. [Spontaneous healing occurs often
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in the majority of foreign cases, like those which have been described in
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Thsraft of PsncABY Bbonghiaii Asthma. — ^If a cause is absent or
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(See Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases, March, 1883.) Almost
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that all such experiments must fail. The prejudices of the public are always
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The author has, however, obtained the best iiesults from two new
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dieaper, more abundant^ diversified, and fresher, and business or social