secretion depends also greatly upon their mode of preparation. For
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are normal in comparative size, calibre, colour, course, and shape ; no
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and the peripheral defect in the left eye at times decreasing and then recurring.
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Therapy of Paralysis of the Bladder.— If paralysis of the bladder
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cuticle being raised throughout their whole extent. I gave her another
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by packs should be started. If there are no conveni^ioes for a hst kft,
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[A course at one of the sulphur springs, after convalescenoe is establklied,
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aecount of their distance from the heart, their frequently profuse
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las, both cutaneous and cellular, one being a particularly severe case of
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infra-spinatus and teres minor being rendered powerless the arm is turned
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reduction of liquid to 1 ql a day in cases where the atrophied kidn^
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(^% gr.) several times a day; later a daily amount of 0.03-0.05 0.
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position on the right side, having detected an unevenness on the left,
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peristalsis. Sitz baths (59''-52° ) of only 2-3 minutes' duration are often
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am asked to see a new case of diabetes I beg the physician either not to
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resulted in the setting up of peritonitis, but without any signs of lesion of the
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and intestines. Only about five-sixths of this needs to be ingested daily,
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organism could not develop pathogenic properties. Rather larger quantities
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his right ear just grazing the edge of it, but his head escaping all other
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The ill effects of the disease manifest themselves in those diildren who
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The following exceedingly interesting case 2 has been reported by Bech-
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Malt baths, hot sand baths, and rait baths are also used. The malt baths
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on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, by Authors of Various Nations.