pulse, 137 ; face and hands congested and cold: The urine was then found to

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With most patients, however, castor oil should be used only occasionally.

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intestine quiet and so gives every i>ossible chance for the natural eena-

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sweets, rice and all farinaceous foods, sweet wine, and generally also

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delicate crystalline spherules, drum-sticks." But what would he do if he

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favourable ; repeated eclamptic fits." " Deplorable." " Very unfavour-

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ment of diseased joints has resulted most favorably in some obstinite

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Hegar's funnel, a connecting tube with a stop-cock or clamp, and a

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the milk is pasteurized or sterilized. Edsall traced several outbreabrf

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In Obdbb of Thbib Cabbohtdrate Contents, fbom Lowest to Highest

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protoplasm. The tumour was diagnosticated as sarcoma ; sarcoma globo-cellular

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afanoflt pumped dry; (4) the general intoxication may reach a fatal

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much increased, and she earnestly called out, "Take off your hand, take off

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much improved. Desquamation free on face, chest, and abdomen. Erup-

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suitaUe are all salads (small amounts of vinegar do no harm, but lemon

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the reading of the paper the secretary had left out the most important case,

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the child was delivered in the presence of a medical friend at 2 o'clock A. M.

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the treatment by the method of radical cure employed in this instance should, as

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action of the cause, which is clearly indicated by the condition of the tissues,

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reason we may avoid the eream and milk he advises in the diet snd too

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coloured in this manner, no dependence is to be placed upon the exami-

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respiration and slow irregular pulse. Patient had no fever, no convulsions, no