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that they seem to cause intestinal hsdmorrhage. It is rejoined that
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gradually the secretions become less abundant the pain is relieved
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his description the form I have spoken of as resembling boiled sago or
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certain changes at times occur not only within the brain coincidental
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tissue with even rough bird s nest bodies in the thicker
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beginning passing later into a general convulsion in such cases a focal origin
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All these cases were treated with watery extract of
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were blinded to the study. During the duration of the study
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tion to this phenomenon and recently we have observed low
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quent and continued examination for hyaline and granular
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of associated gout and tuberculosis regard must be had to the
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The changes which occur in the blood of patients suffering
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ligature. Dr. Lusk had reported two cases in one of which
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the horse standing with his hind legs in a much more
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a number of cauliflower like excrescences over areas varying
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The white mass of fibrin is squeezed dry minced with scissors and then
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X ew York Carius B. Stephens Wallace Charles G. Strobel Dolgeville
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presence of staphylococci in five cases in very old and highly thickened
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wearing glasses. The child broke its glasses and had to go
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tissue. On opening the duodenum the papilla of the common duct was very
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facial neuralgias will disappear from literature as diseases
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infantile syphilis are associated as if there were some necessary con
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lymphatics it follows that those areas richest in lymphatics should
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treated in such a nuwacr m to become perfectly clear and
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received but only these. From this ray of light which falls on
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Society of Medicine the new preparations were criticized by some
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undertaking was so foreign to my usual pursuits that I despaired
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in many cases though the shoulder bo elevated the scapula drawn backwards
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successes by means of small doses of tuberculin because they
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forth which by the th of October had greatly augmented perhaps
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by heating in order to kill vegetative forms after the spores of B.
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the main influence on Arab medicine was undoubtedly
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