bearings, but to restrict it to those cases in which the physician is forced
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more digestible by various additions; e.g., salt, brandy, lime water (eq«-
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deposit — not improbably the remains of old blood-clots.
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become painful which, in the ordinary meaning of the term, are not sen-
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As an alternative explanation, it is possible that the opalescence has its seat in
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closets and service-rooms, the drainage pipes, and whatever is necessary to
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This paper was pretty vigorously handled in the discussion which followed ;
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of use in hemorrhoids, e8i>ecially when they are accompanied by pain. If
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cut down all foods which stimulate the secretion of the gastric juice, soeii
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the secretions, in diminishing the reflexes, and as a narcotic. Besides,
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There can be no doubt, we think, adds Dr. F. H. Hamilton, that in this
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sights in proof-reading, such as the expression about the obliquity of
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only ones used so far by the author^ are given in 0.50 G. (7^ gr.) doaei
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Quinine tasted the same on both halves of the posterior portion of the
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decreased. It often produces marked cyanosis^ and twice the author has
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and along edges and at tip papillae enlarged, and a few showing through
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that Dr. Sturgis has not carried out his original intention to write a work
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the tissue, and the general fever produced, granted immunity to the ani-
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suitable, that is, severe cases. A very similar operation had been performed
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or leeches. In this manner he lessens considerably those congestive con-
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tebras." The occurrence of symptoms suggestive of malignant disease in
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has actually been seen. It is his own observation and delineation — not
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one recovery ; Dr. ,Howard three cases, all fatal ; and Dr. Goodell, of