pelleterinCi is prescribed in doses of 0.2-0.3 G. (3-5 gr.) ]

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complete loss of muscular sense in the right arm, and attacks of right unilateral

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movements, and more or less rapid death were the results. The autopsies showed

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dendritic character of papillomata, which originate upon mucous surfaces,

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corpora quadrigemina. He reports the following case : — 5

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so strong as to convey the impression that the placenta was firmly attached.

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of a very fatal character, but that we were not entirely without hope ; that

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monly well remunerated, he is considered as conferring a kind of favour;

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less most careful attention to cleanliness of the mouth is carried onl

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aa a preliminary to operation, and considers that the rays induce a fibrosii

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syphilitic virus is ensconced. It therefore permits the leukocytes bathed

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peculiar. Her body having been placed in an inclined position, her head

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volumes of this valuable contribution to American professional literature.

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the stomach is emptied. In ordinary cases Faucher's apparatus suffices, and the

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of the external tissues are as important factors in the problem as those

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results as to the usefulness of the limb were in very many cases more or

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tissue of a particular kind, which is found nowhere else, a tissue composed

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by 0.015 O. (Y^ gr.) of extract of stramonium in 3 pills, <Hie in the mov-

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not made nephrorrhaphy seem necenary, the therapy consists first of

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the cup half way up to her mouth, then stopped. Her countenance at this time

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Dm*. — The diet must be nourishing — eggs, milk, broth and beef -tea,

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on various occasions, held up for imitation to the young aspirant. 2

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ish-red colour. On the part of the red corpuscles there was an entire

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perfectly well, the use of a pneumatic chamber and moderate monntai

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vomiting and violent peristalsis. Moreover by the reduction of the intra-

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berg Hospital. Germany is much in advance of France and more so of

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Digestive disturbances often manifest themadves, but soon disappear.

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ness, as distinguished from and not associated with actual blindness — or

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