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remained until April 14th, -when partial paralysis of the left third nerve appeared,

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was discharged from the hospital. The leg now measured eleven inches

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the sympathetic, however, playing a prominent part by its intimate con-

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surface of the left frontal lobe of the cerebrum was a large sac containing six

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also disinfecting internal remedies." The translator's word "remedies"

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this city under Dr. Walter F. Atlee. The general mortality of the

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the utmost care and patience, I could not get this symptom. Prof.

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they recurred on the 11th. The mother, on noticing the fixed jaws, from

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jyjET. — ^Whether milk is allowed immediately or only after a prelimi-

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advised by his friends and physicians, and he came to the hospital for

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what he desired. When the worshippers discovered their dishonour, and the

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side were atrophied and sunken in, and the white matter beneath was softened.

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inches) than that usually advised being resorted to, and the artery not

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has also obtained good results by using a glassful as an enema, especially

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elimination, maximum upon the day of injection, may be intermittent

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sweet almonds or of acacia added. In such cases inhalation and the

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This is effected chiefly by atmospheric pressure, aided greatly, however, by

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better than the snbnitrate and the salicylate of bismnth. On the eon-

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As formerly it was accounted wise and prudent to reject this operation, or at

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as x>ossible, should be exx>osed to the rays of the sun out of doors or in

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of tiie intermittent fever which had earlier characterized the case. In 2

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somewhat; but you may distinguish it by the pain not being increased on

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simple decrease in the total amount of food does not reduce the patient's

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countrymen in the same brief period. And like him he left us in the dawn

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Davies Thomas, M.D. (Lond.). etc. Adelaide : E. Spiller. 1884.

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Simple irrigations may be used if necessary, as soon as the inflammatofj

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The acquired diseases from organic poisons include many affections which

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protecticm against congestion. He is then laid on a wet dieet, whiA if

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•matter that Trenholm instead of Battey is mentioned in connection with

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instance make erysipelas complicating pregnancy essentially harmless, and

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