profuse symptomatic diarrhoea^ but^ on the whole┬╗ it is the best drug next

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the drug is soluble in half its weight of alc(duA), but is indined to iiij

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present few or none of the prime symptoms of diabetes. The outlook

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In this connection it might be suggested that the rapidity of circulation

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from the normal in regard to the position of the large intestine and peri-

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came tabetic at fifty) ; the relative frequency of syphilis and tabes in men

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litic. After a blow on the head, he suffered from continuous dull headache,

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legs ; the' left being denuded of a small portion of skin near the inner

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sputum, which is useless and often injurious. Even the cough with

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safety in operating." This last, G. H. Mayo summarizes:

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Wilson, Chair), University of Aberdeen. With Illustrations. 8vo. pp.

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adopted to the benefit of the community, I shall rejoice in the discovery. It

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the mouth is the fact that if it is kept clean, fever patients take nourish-

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reproduced by the Heliotype Process. By George M. Sternberg,

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The investigations which were pursued with central colour-perception

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this purpose, the infusion method of Hering (Ztschrft. filr Phys. Bd. iii.

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Whether Eiasingen ia to be preferred in special caaea to CaiUbad or

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deep slumber, or starting in sleep ; is languid, moans, cannot take the breast,

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\B stomach, and (4) in an ulcer at the cardia The bismuth acts mechani-

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through the general system, will follow and destroy the vagrant cells, and do for

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ing 25 kg. (62 lb.) of rock-salt. If a 1-3 per cent, solution is employed,

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at least very much limited, and even the lighter kinds should be limited.

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Langton has seen sixty-seven cases, but in only one has he had the

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The minimum dose is increased by 2 drops a day nntil it reaches the

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are essential. Mercury and the iodides, especially the former, are also

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win help the individnal patient, bat on the whole stramonium is the most

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ferrous carbonate and afterward as ferrous hydroxid.