lage eigener anatomischer und klinischer Beobachtungen. Herausgegeben von J.

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The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Spinal Cord. By W. R. Gowers, M.D., F.R.C.P.,

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teristic ; in fact, the evidence of the disturbance of the digestive function,

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of the Maternity Hospital in Paris (except in regard to the training of

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wool. It is, perhaps, foolish of me to mention this, except that I wish to refer

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exeept mUk. If the patient soffers from thirst, he may be given a tidd^

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cause the patient severe pain, preventing him from attending to Ui

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against large doses of TR does not react to old tuberculin.

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glands of the stomach and intestine; intestinal parasites (Bothrio^

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orthodox forms of physical treatment, whether rest, exercise, or ortho-

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sense of repletion after taking a quart a day that they can take nothing

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be given (1-2 tablespoonfuls to 60 G. (2 oz.) for a child, 2-5 tablespoon-

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allies in cases of diabetes with renal complications and of either salic^Ge

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system, or to hyperacidity, or to mechanical obstruction, e.g., cicatrieid

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murmur without valvular lesions. This part of the paper is codified under

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iiaease becomes stationary or the early improvement is' secured it is

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Qdarto, pp. 28 ; tables viii. London : J. & A. Churchill, 1883.

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pathological anatomy, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment;

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they were pulpy in the middle third, and in the third next to the convex border

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hydrogen of the organic compounds (of all of the fat and of a part of

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so enfeebled the patient that repeated fainting had already occurred. Dr. H.

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IV. Trismus Nascentium, or the Lockjaw of Infants : its History, Cause,

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ble in the open air. If bad weather necessitates it, work in the gymnasium

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the carbon dioxide. In severe cases of vomiting^ champagne cooled qq

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the loss of heat to the outer air. The latter effect is due to the fact

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after the fever, chicken soup, chopped ham (2 teaspoonfuls e?ei7 tff»

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together with two lateral vertical incisions. These incisions should not be so

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amount of suffering as to lead to the suggestion of an operation, but in

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chronic catarrhal affections of the lai^ and smaU intestines.

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give one of his patients relief by diaphoresis to try the use of jaborandi. The