of the placenta could be distinctly felt at the os uteri ; in the other it was

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suria comes in cases of irregular or incomplete gout. This rule does not

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life. As a rule, there is some anterior affection ; in a case reported by Scliiile,

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four days. For very severe cases even 100 c.c. daily may be necessary.]

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If tuberculosis of the lungs exists in the same side as the exudate it is

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(foot and mouth disease) and contagious pleuro-pneumonia of cattle

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syphilis, such as rheumatism, rickets, and mercury-poisoning."

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the sudden relief afforded during rotation. The true character of these

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various resources which have been mentioned for antagonizing and miti-

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catarrh is accompanied by seyere cough and an obstinate or stagnatiof

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The question whether it is possible to operate radically may sometimes be very

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high temperature and relatively greater pulse frequency at the same

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»f organic adds or of mucus, the stomach, after having been emptied,

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nutrition are poor, or if the heart and vessels are diseased, or there are

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stool is passed every day, it is too small and hard^ we must first decide

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ease. Grawitz commends the use of gastric and intestinal lavage.]

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but in many cases medical treatment is also of great boiefit

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to include the appetite, digestion, and often a gain in weight. Obstinate

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myopic after twenty years of age ; and that, contrary to the general im-

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nephritis calculosa. But as the treatment of these conditions is, in gen-

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from the side more than half-way to a horizontal position without assistance ; but

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summary of the results obtained by some surgeons with various antiseptic

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VI. Sterility due to Contraction of the Uterine Cervical Canal, complicated

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the best results had been obtained by the following operation : An incision was

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desirable. Sea-bathing is beneficial in the earliest stages, before the

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should be stained but the bacilli. They come out distinctly in contrast

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panics chrcmic jaundice in other diseases of the liver and ISSarj

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been said, uses atoxyl much more frequently, however.

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In Xovember, the patient, a large corpulent woman, aged 52 years, fell on a

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course of a month. The visual disturbance and the partial anaesthesia remained.