cated with one of the various flexions or versions of the uterus ; and

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Visual fields of the left eye were now obtainable, and, being carefully

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A Spasmodic hour glass contraction of the Uterus, preventing the ex-

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bending energy of mind, he acquired the treasures of classical learning, and

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other can be grasped by the mind. The earlier astronomers refused to

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the confusion possible with a non-specific irritative reaction lAoA a

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is formed in the ovary after the discharge of a ripened ovum, this forma-

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exactly in the central line and near its lower margin. The basilar process of the

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1000 c.c. (1-2 pt) of lukewarm water under a low presnire ii Mj

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of the knee should be left intact. On each side of the joint, far back and near

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which attaches the kidney loosely to the spine. With regard to simple

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rely upon the impossibility of tracing, in some cases, the source of the in-

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powers of sight. On close examination, however, of the particular parts of the

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abstract in the VierteljaTirschrift f. Derm. u. Si/ph., 1880, p. 867, was a three-

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some observations on this matter in the excellent journal 2 of which he is one

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then returned to them, auto -refusion. And as regards the distal circula-

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thesia of the left side, all of which symptoms soon disappeared entirely. Two

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2. That one of the iirst effects of the eczema was to produce proliferation of

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pears to consist in a rupture or displacement of the long head of the biceps muscle,

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has been the definite and striking clinical improvement which followed tk

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cination, and is a firm supporter of the practice, but he does not favour a

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horse, and had a depressed fracture of the right parietal bone on July 3d, after

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ation, after which she became pregnant, and is now the mother of six

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that the subdeltoid connective tissue, though exceptionally very dense and

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adjacent parts of the vagina can also be removed if they be involved. I have