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cases of puerperal fever had been traced to poisoning by erysipelas, great
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causing only an increased activity and multiplication of the paradtes.
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milk or alone; 1000 cc. (1 qt) daily of the sulphur watersy but only
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condition we are describing. The affection before us appears confined to
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over six years. These drugs must be given to younger children with
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pattern shown) are now made to perforate it at some distance, an inch, or more
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by a tepid bath or pack for 1^^ hours, and then by a tepid bath or a
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ulceration is made up of a layer of very numerous embryonal elements, between
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anaphylaxis, which can be avoided, or of serum reactions, whidi are at the
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peral complications has passed. With the single exception of peritonitis,
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order to bring on a good sweat. This procedure is indicated in evsf
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every circumstance ; in the well-kept elevated and isolated spot in the country,
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ages necessary to insure bony anchylosis after the operation. In one patient only
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in vision of the right, which had made its appearance a short time before.
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negatively, that the functions of speech, hearing, and vision do not lie in
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we must look for some other. He thinks that, if Dr. Sims's mode of ex-
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puppies, wrote as follows : " I do not doubt that the uterus is not at all
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ber's ointment (red biniodide of mercury, 0.25: 20 fat). As this may
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serum Moebius,'' is much more eficacious. It is given 3 times daily,
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ful of Dilution V. He has seen not infrequently a reaction after */io
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days increased in intensity, so as to destroy the night's rest in spite of the use of
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rical practice. Various solutions have been recommended. Some use a solution
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(5-7 oz.) daily, 1 tablespoonful every 2 hours, alone or with subnitrate
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the amount of bacteria in the feces of normal individuals, but that they
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chut, 4 Wells, 5 Jeaffreson, 6 Noyes, 7 and Pooley. 8 Field gives 9 an inte-
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Bbst m Bed. — ^The stomach is saved work not only by choosing a
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dent of the donor, and enable the surgeon to devote his whole attention
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Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwin in Alaska and the Northwest Arctic Ocean
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Mr. Steavenson prefers to have his cases watched by relays of students
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gardening, tree-chopping, carpentry, with the necessary ccmooitration fat