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always, exists in these cases. But one thing is very certain, Dr. Senn
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with a tablespoonf ul of soft soap diluted with water ; half an hour later
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Removal of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes for Chronic Ovaritis, Ovarian Dys-
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its cathartic action to the senna leaves it contains. One or two floall
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About this time she began to complain of pain in the abdomen. The
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cold baths being reserved for continued high f ev^ and severe oeiidsd
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140 in a minute, and her extremities cold. I observed that her bed had been
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the fact that movable fluid was in his tympanic cavity. Bubbles were
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on various occasions, held up for imitation to the young aspirant. 2
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Digitalis should be given (a) fr<»n the beginning in every case of
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in the desired amount of water (a wineglass to a quart), or in a small
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Much caution must always be exercised in treating children, (dd people
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oedema. The steady increase in the size of the limb and the gradual im-
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itready been spoken of in sufficient detail in the section upon pulmonary
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eczema, even in the most severe cases, the connective tissue remains un-
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solving the drug has been universaUy adopted, such symptoms occur
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A micro-photograph is a microscopic picture of an object which can be seen by
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Only when these have disapi>eared, and when the temperature haa re-
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depend largely upon a vegetable diet. In the choice of partienlar foodi»
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self-control, reason, and common sense sufficiently to make him afokl
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Investigations into the Action of the Digitalis- Group.
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is wrapped around the thorax, covered with dry muslin, and held in
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side of the thorax still further distended, especially towards its inferior
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affections of the cerebral hemispheres competent to interfere with the
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and gymnastics. Massage has already been diaensBed. TbehjinOimfif
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having nursed at all, when convulsions ensued, following in rapid succes-
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(5 02.) weighed raw, containing 30 G. (1 oz.) of protein. Poultry, veal,
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this city under Dr. Walter F. Atlee. The general mortality of the
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can find fault with this, as antisepsis is but another name for clean surgery,
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diminished in calibre, both in proportion to their previous condition, and