the operation is intended to be curative or is done for the sake of euthanasia. . . .
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suffering from an abnormal amount of gas in the intestine. If floi j'*
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the tapeworm or several heads are found in the stools. Otherwise the
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ary outlay ; to manage the light so obtained to the best advantage requires
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scientiously, irrespective of the size of the hospital buildings, to reduce the
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the Health and Form of the Female, and upon the Relation of the Female
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to absorb the iron contained in the food and to render it capaUe of being
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months' illness, had not suffered from rheumatism, presented oedema of the
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^'No person should be vaccinated who is not perfectly healthy and
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however, the increased size of these spaces was not due simply to the increased
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may be rubbed instead, until that of the abdomen is well again. TV
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seeessiUe lymph-glands, parenchymatous injections are of great value.
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thought to have fitness for hospital superintendencies, certainly other men
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intrathoracic pressure is greater than that of the atmosphere, bnbbles
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much about himself, and to fix his will power upon accomplishing some-
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injections have no advantage over the internal use of arsenic uid there-
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and decided, it speedily becomes soft and easily compressible
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delay the administration of the initial dose, but should send for and
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pulse 124. Tongue red ; throat improved. One slight stool. Catheter
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On the shores of Maine and Canada the climate is much more bracing,
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of exposure, under certain definite conditions of illumination, for the
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4 P. M. Temp. 102.6°; pulse 120. Condition unchanged; dismissed
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