sands to the pure sources of instruction from which he drank so deeply.
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10 drops of dilute hydrochloric acid in a wineglassful of water before
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according to his age. No ill effects have been noted in any of these insti-
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sugar content of the urine then usually falls considerably^ but not to
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compact form, and therefore more convenient for military service than the wood-
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of the severest kind of gastric crisis in a morphine habitu6, it stopped at
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This description and the reasonings from it do not seem quite satisfac-
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sium oxide. [The U. S. P. of 1890 recognized this combination, so that
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changes. Yulpian states that bichromate of potash acts on the nervous system,
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stoical attitude towards all minor unpleasant feelings must be insisted
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its appearance in the groove between the pectoralis major and the deltoid
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is general, no matter in what form it is given. This is the most generally
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countered, and the large mortality attending the procedure. The mor-
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in-law, of which the important details are given by Dr. Stevenson. A
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Stomatitis. — Care must also be taken of the gums. All carious teeth
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the only one of which that at all resembles it being fracture of the greater
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convulsions ensued which lasted ten minutes. After recovering felt as
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the mouth. Such a fast also favors the contraction of the stomadi, tlini
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course ; no bad results followed. In Case 19 the child was put to the breast
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that, if the bacillus described as peculiar to tuberculosis is not found in
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33 years of age, but apparently much older, applied on account of an affection of
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followed by recovery, every ettort should be made both l^ the. patient
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ing- 3. The superficial and middle layers of the remaining mucosa are composed
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retiex sensibility) . The sensibilities are at first excited and perverted, and then
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added one or two short remarks on the use of opium and belladonna in a
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:ei3L eold^ uaoally one or two glassfols just before going to bed, or in
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in this all men will agree: how much more culpable, then, are they, who,
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ulariy good), Boemerbad in Styria, Bagatz-Pfaffers in Canton St. Gall,
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soeh as cabbage or asparagus (never potatoes, peas, beans, or turnips,
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Thus far there is nothing to distinguish the affection from many others.
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bers, onions, asparagus, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, sorrel,
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Now, it is a careful incision and extirpation of the capsule, with only so