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In conclusion, we may add that this volume is on the whole fully equal

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Dr. Parkes then observed in Turkey an example of the value of one-storied

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specific measures applied as directly as possible to the involved nervous

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or pain on swallowing^ we may add 10-20 drops of the tincture of (^iuD,

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This chance must exist, though to a less degree, in all ligations of the

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on various occasions, held up for imitation to the young aspirant. 2

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not concerned with a muscular hypertrophy or any such spasmodic closure

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Pyrosis is a frequent complaint in a number of diseases of the atomaeh.

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the taste is somewhat disguised and it is claimed that no griping results.

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the pleasures of the table, and of these seven admitted marked alcoholic

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the boiler of an inhalation apparatus. This is to be inhaled four tsBn

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mena : The red corpuscles began by presenting little shining points,

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Sig. — ^Up to 20 caps, a day. (Creosote = 0.20) gtt iii (pro dosi;

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of salvarsan actually in contact with the nerve tissues, consists in the

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in all cases of organic disease or injury of the motor nerves of the larynx there is

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yellow or straw-coloured substance, having a defined circular edge, hardly,

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Demme, 1 besides finding tubercle bacilli in lupus, reports having seen

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Morphine is given hypodermically, 0.02-0.04 G. (%-% gr.) a day.

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use of the salicylates, already described, local medicaticm is prsetieaDj

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may be included cases of excessive emaciation after some severe cooab-

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after intanal hemorrhage, and after an infectious disease) ; and (2) it

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intestine, lavage and enemas are also of assistance.

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before inserting the points, in order to obtain relaxation of the quadriceps

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power in the right eye." (Ballet and Fer6. Fer6, 1. c. Obs. LXI.)

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" 8. It is impossible to distinguish by the seat of the sounds in the prsecor-

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depression of the occiput was discovered. The cord had dropped off the

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during act of defecation. Was very restless and talkative until midnight ;

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convulsion, in other words, during the stage of congestion, progress can

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the tongue sufficiently, one, and sometimes two, blunt curved needles (of the