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of exposure, under certain definite conditions of illumination, for the

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mouth The author has seen one case in which the mouth was narrowed

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Carl Yon Braun-Fernwald, of Vienna, saved eight out of twelve, one of

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neck and see if the child can breathe through the mouth. If the ehild'i

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Tet (he administration of stimulants is advisable (heavy wine, Hun-

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in the tunica vaginalis, if absorption do not take place naturally, can then be

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1884.] Burnett, Oliver, Dropsy of the Left Middle Ear. 141

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red lines of inflammation; there was high fever and constant delirium; diar-

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G* (%-% gr.) to diminish cramps and diarrhoea sometimes i)ermits a

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surgery, nutrient enemas are necessary as a last resort

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Stebbins, M.D. Philadelphia : F. A. Davis, Att'y, 1883.

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of this disease by the Medical Sanitary Inspector, Dr. W. D. Stewart,

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one, and depended greatly upon the advances that had in recent years been made

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of every paper contained in this large and. handsome volume. It remains

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urea is found in the urine of dogs after the intravenous injection of milk. From

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at the house of a friend who advised her to employ Stoy's cure. They in-

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ing the consummation of the copulative act. The congestion and conse-

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Sweat Baths. — Sweat baths are veccnnmended by some authors

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say that a man may be a good practitioner who never thinks. Learning sup-

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Only in cases of necessity he gives sterilized water or a little brandy,

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carbohydrate). The approximate content of carbohydrate would be 5

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ber of cases of moderate severity in which no adequate improvement

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procedure is strongly recommended by Ziemssen, and the author has had

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the pendulous eyelids, like alabaster in translucency, and the purple pouting Hps.

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of a symptom of other troubles." In Dr. Ord's cases four conditions of

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arrived at from closer attention to the ocular symptoms — viz., the slight

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valerian, and camphor were freely given. Sunday, June 23d, the condition of

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XXXVII. Opera Minora : A Collection of Essays, Articles, Lectures, and

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Dear Sir, — The following interesting cases having come under my care,

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equivalent of 100 calories. When patients are unable to take mifKcient

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