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Happening to meet the coroner soon afterwards, he informed me of the
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of the sigmoid flexure. The colon is easily recognized by the colic and epiploic
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hour. If the ulcer cannot be localized, he should lie first on one side,
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agreement of opinion that mercury should precede, accompany or hSkm
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longing life. The disease is thought to return with almost ahsolute cer-
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the definite character of labour-pains, and the os was dilated to about the
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(R. M. Hodges, Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. lxxi. 413.)
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tance from the diseased parts. After this, I push the anterior vaginal fornix,
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and injected, and the salpingo-palatal folds unusually conspicuous.
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Pa^y'a ' ' almond bread, '' made of almond meal with butter, eggs, and salt,
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alone" policy, a mortality of 34.7 per cent. These figures demonstrate
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periphery of the affected portion of skin, the patient lying as flat on
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pail of water, or by hanging up clothes wrung out of hot water.
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tion. For in Experiment I., where the effect of the ether had passed off
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he lies on the painful one in order to prevent or lessen its movement
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otin are useful cm account of the action of the wann steam. ^ eoa-
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in attendance, although McCollum was unable to make a single positive
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be given only in very exceptional cases, and massage and mineral waters
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a cold compress on his head, and should rub the abdcHnen with hii haadi
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bad. Ems, or Vichy. The alkaline solutions also neutralize Ae abnonBil
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tive by Forschheimer. He gives it in the beginning of every attack and
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by massage. A sponge bath with water at 64^-75^ should be taken every
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has a strong salt bath, and a shore bath which in summer may readi
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A single average dose. Ten drops thus equals one grain of mercuiy.
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In the edition of the Myotomia Reformata of William Cowper, published
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the dose must be increased in order to maintain a proper level of its
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or in its cortex. They also prove that each occipital lobe is in functional