phates, we allow a moderate use of meat soups and a practically unlimited
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ease having advanced as far as the beginning of the stage of full develop-
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rhubarb, oil of fennel, oil of mint, and oil of caraway (2-3 piUs, 3 times
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of adults and children ; 3. The lobular pneumonia of adults and children ;
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potassium, sodium, or lithium iodide (see p. 72), or in the recent iodine
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and covered the whole nipple, and, after some time, the breast became hard.
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therapeutically considered, for the effect of a locality depends not so
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earries tiie food into the upper part of the intestines or possibly even
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one of self-evolution? I have since been informed that injections of cold
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embracing a variety of objects, as well as illustrating the results obtained
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Ccmtra-indicatiooa to the Use of tiie Drug. — ^For several years after
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Big. — 1 capsule everj hour for IS hours (8 O. — 2 dr.).
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mucous membrane of the cervix, in a state of catarrhal inflammation, but not
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in many of our larger communities in furnishing Wassermann reactuHis
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with the rectal tube by means of rubber tubing. For complete inflation of the
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experiments were made with the following members of the digitalis group : stro-
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''The act of getting up, with the movements of the bodv which are caused by
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Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xv., 1819), in reply to Dr. Colles, gives an
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Several days before his death he was suddenly prostrated with a very severe
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hands has proved of use in several cases. He rarely empl^^ys gastrie
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tral convolutions. But positive facts are not wanting to support this con-
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more, although she said she felt relieved after she had vomited. Her atten-
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lobe and had burst into the left lateral ventricle. (A. Xebinger, Med. Record,
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salicylate powder. The face should be covered while the powder is
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blood, such as are frequently observed in cases of old ulcers and espfoaSij^
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differently estimated at different times. When this operation was first intro-
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vaccine containing two billion per c.c, and give it in the same way. ThsR
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nerve-tubes in the postero-external columns, has become relatively equally
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blood, in the left external jugular. After all connections were made the
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sublimate in this wood-wool, the wood-wool itself being excessively cheap, is used