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it is also of value. It is useful in diseases of the blood, such
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but intimately connected to a hard indurated mass which ap-
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urine, excepting that it is not normal. The greatest signifi-
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John M. B. Rogers, EUicott City, was elected president; Dr.
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is have their origin in lesions of the stomach, pylorus, duo-
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an objection of no great consequence if the practical
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tients, 3 and 4 years old, respectively, says that in both
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nate, and in this fact lies the great safety of ether, that a pa-
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the Semaine Med. of April 17, he injects a much weaker solu-
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or those not included in the first and second classes. These
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the Ramsey County Medical Society as announced in last week's
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best accomplished by grasping the fragments as firmly as pos-
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each state, his voting power being based upon the number of
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<jur statute books that it would seem ought to effect this,
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with the general appearance of the patient, who may
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eration (Dr. Hunner), cultures and cover slips from pus
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from 1048 autopsies on the bodies of adults. Tuber-
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resulting from tubercular infections ; these differ widely,
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to the apex of the mastoid process and erects a per-
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tense. In full breathing, it is heard before the tidal
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resulted from an accident, and owing to the fact that
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over to the left side of the pelvis. The right side of the pelvis
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Hospital. To fiiese are added the notes of a case re-
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monium after Anstie's method, 30 gr. three times a day. He
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of referendum. The voting power of the delegates is to be
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Turck covers the abdominal wall with a sheet of rubber dam,"
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men. With one hand, grasp the leg and bend the thigh
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met on April 3, at Geneva, and elected Dr. Alpheus B. Jernigan,
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struck by lightning, which sit fire to a room, and frightened
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P. A. Surgeon E. 8. Bogert, ordered to the Lancaster, May 11.
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therial horse serum preserved with tricresol in a corked bottle
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Remarks. — ^During the past year I have been called
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bad it extracted. Almost immediately he was seized 'with a
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road to the prevention of plague," and there is no doubt