of Heloderma suspectum, Cope, the Gila monster of New Mexico and
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colder baths (59''-64'') for 5-6 minutes; cold water poured omtk
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idding, if a stimulating effect is desired, 1-3 teaspoonfuls of brandy.
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ferably ridge-ventilated, and the ceilings finished on the rafters, not plas-
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the pigeon's corpuscles from one jugular vein to the other. In each case
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vicinity were bound together in such a confused mass that it was not quite certain.
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Finally, if the patient is very weak, tonics (iron, arsenic, sodium
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Syphilitic chancre must be excised in all cases where its situation permits the
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admirable throughout. It shows, in its philosophical grasp of a great sub-
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we ought not to count all the incomplete operations, made such by exten-
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by Dr. M. Hall. A perfect cure ensued, although an ugly scar remained on
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in the larynx. The breathing was clear, there was no rattle in the throat
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cases a vegetarian diet is often efficacious. The auflior can also coofim
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Bromfeild, Green, Callender, Mercer, and Hancock. The first three
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lessened thyroid secretion. This results in a diminished oxidatkm and
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cles, 1 and the diminished response of their nerves to the faradic current,
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and he points out that in most of the fatal cases there was some special
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studied so carefully in this way by Da Costa and Allbutt, Flint and
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in order to supply to every one the data for an independent conclusion.
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many drops every two hours as the age of the child. Monti and otlien
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8 P.M. Dr. H. present. Temp. 103.6°; pulse 112. One stool at
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ing in severity, he sent for me, this being the fifth day after the injury.
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Within the next half dozen sections, the various manipulations incident
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tie her, no doubt fearing that in those moments of intense agony she might
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blood instantly examined microscopically for the presence of pigeon's cor-
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and small seeds, such as cranberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, rasp-
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to be diffusely studded with minute grayish nodules closely resembling
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to the conciseness of the text, while they necessarily detract somewhat
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the eruption of smallpox is sometimes preceded and accompanied by a