may be properly executed, it is very necessary that the anatomical

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the alveoli in the older parts of the tumor contain cells undergoing

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Ichorous Pus is a putrid fluid which is thin and watery and contains

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cessfully combated in all ordinary forms by manipulative methods

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tenacious, glairy, frothy, and mucous ; then yellow purulent spots are

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manifests itself in other tissues of the body, due to constitutional condi-

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the sheath of this muscle, then burrows along down the sheath and

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with dense, firm walls. If the inflammation is chronic., it ends in indura-

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primary hemorrhage, as a rule, since the conditions present favor coag-

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which occurs in connection with renal emioUsm and in-

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through clothing the disease is less likely to follow than when the injury

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144. Cortex of kidney in early cirrhotic nephritis (ill

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living in-doors. At times bronchitis prevails epidemically, associated with

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posed largely of animal food ; overloading the stomach should be especially

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returned to the abdominal cavity, it should be washed and cleansed and

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Colloid cancer is of rare occurrence in the liver, appearing only as a

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directed towards relieving the engorged duct, and to stimulating the

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als will contain organic acids, torulse, and sarcinse ; while with hypersecre-

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