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siders it, periiaps, the best drug for children. Following Ransom, I have

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of the tendon of the pectoralis major into its outer lip.

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tions from it have been given with expectations of great success. Hut

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was found to be hypertrophy of the heart, especially of the left side ; the orifices

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while the reverse was the case on the right. By this time, the convul-

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when it ceased. Although his mind was clear, he did not rally, but gradually

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loss of the use of the arms, pains in the shoulders and arms, which may be

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a glance, be able to seize upon the true value of a book, and extract from it

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fixation point, for from six to eight degrees : Whilst red (invariably called

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hundred and ninety-four, two hundred and ninety-nine, and three hundred

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fluence of the narcotic was felt in the head in less than a minute. He might

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may be given in a 2-10 per cent infusion, and here we get, in addition,

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liminary Iridectomy, to Hasten the Development of Slowly Ripening

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ing, " When a disease of the larynx does not get'well under treatment, it

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be distinguished from a fibrinous pleurisy and receives the same trei^

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A useful hypodermic syringe is one with a glass or metallic piston,

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sores. It is also advisable at least once a day to cleanse the butto^

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tween the termination of that historical period and the present. But en-

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so marked a degree should be discounted in our final judgment.]

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teristic led MM. Arloing, Cornevin, and Thomas tot heir first prophylactic

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studied so carefully in this way by Da Costa and Allbutt, Flint and

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renal diuretics. As soon as diuresis is established, it is well to omit the

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litres (3 qt.) as a minimum and much better 5 or 6 litres (5-6 qt.) . Deliri-

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nation are fairly good, says he feels more like himself, but thinks he is

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or even its purely latent stage {e.g., from inheritance, or from an irra-

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factory. Aneurisms or other late manifestations of syphilis, tabes and

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(1-2 G. (1&-30 gr.) in substance or solution) coats the particles of