position usuallv preferred when the effusion is not large. The face is often

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nutritious, and administered in small quantities and at short intervals.

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formed. These sometimes break down and form serpiginous ulcers.

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phies of the liver, in active and passive hyperaemia, in hydatid tumors and

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terrors, and on arising in the morning, shows lameness, which wears off

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dislocation at the elbow, and is caused by falls upon the hand with the

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In other words, within twenty-four hours an entire change comes over the

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^ The color of the spleen in congestive enlargement is always paler than that of the other A^lscera, on

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above and below the tumor, are tortuous and pulsatile. The

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acid gastric juice. When milk is refused, digested beef-juice maybe given

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pinx, and a pelvic or general peritonitis. The treatment of gonorrhea

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Luxations of the lower ribs may operate similarly. A euro in any case

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The best sorts, and their cultivation, indoors, under glass, and in the open border,

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dysentery, hernia, acute and chronic poisoning, peritonitis, or for typhoid

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asthma are included in this list. It may also result from unnatural dry-

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charges, and they are dysenteric in character. When intussusception be-

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patches of exudations. This is the "mechanical softening" of French

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last in its work, stops, and the patient dies for want of a lancet or purge,"'

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Pus or serum wull resist decomposition in a pleural cavity so long as it is not

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a temporary air distention of the alveoli — a condition frequently met with

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