The mental activity decreased. Thought, speech, and movements became slower.

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itself, we may employ a teaspoonful of the artificial or natural Carlsbad

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disadvantage. As has just been stated we cannot supply sufScient acid

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iQtestinal tract, suddenly increasing its work by his very coarse diet,

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effect on the heart [G. R. Murray has obtained relief from the cardiac

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noticed in most cases such periods of seeming amelioration as Dr. Cavafy had

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this position as much as possible when in bed. The intermediate series

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aged, (Ml account of the danger to the heart and arteries in the latter,

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equally good results were obtained in a case of severe hemorrhagic diath-

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Eolbe's experiments upon himself, small doses (1-1.5 G. — ^15-20 gr.)

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* Annates de M«di^ne, iv. No. 3, Mai-Juin, 1917, p. 341.

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While parenchymatous neuritis may account for the necrotic changes in

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Mr. Smith) ; but are described by writers, who (with the one exception of

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the mother holding the babe in her arms, which, with the motion of the

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results in 248 oases showed 50 per cent of cures in the two-thirds of his

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oftai his cough, is relieved. When the compress is changed, a mm

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business centre. The best season is from November to May. Barlow's

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sarily so for a pathological organ nor equally so for different types of

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blindness of both eyes. It is, therefore, justifiable to conclude that the

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Treatment of Painful Corneal Ulcers by Warmth and Eserine. By Mr.

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cases after parturition, excepting inability to pass her water. This was

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strikingly the case in the West Indies and in our Southern States, where

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of many of the cases are so meagre that no result can be arrived at as to

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parently resembling each other, and it is only after most careful sifting,

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creased and the countenance became cyanosed, as did the hands. The intellect

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' ' It would be quite rational to suppose that the increased tissue change

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January, 1883, to show me her right breast, on the centre of which had

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patients after intervals of five or six years, and there are hundreds of

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heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 kg. of water through 1"*

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