speaking of an outbreak there : " Give any man of sense requisite power

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trous policy of delay was especially insisted on. Having been made to

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strongest terms of its advantages. Full justice is done to the cases of the

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and posterior part of the three temporal, the angular gyrus, the posterior parts

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and thoroughly equipped apartments in the College, by specially appointed Demonstra-

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to quench the thirst, and alcoholic drinks, if the patient does not object).

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injection of antiseptics, but the following combination has been oied:

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in diabetic dogs resulting from exercise and which led to the insistence of

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In looking over the recent literature of the subject, the difference of

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We also employ our quickest heart stimulants (ether, oamphoTf

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The paper of Vincent Harris, M.D., on The Diagnostic Value of

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down, Vichy or one of the common salt springs is advisable. Th^ alio

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to give her another powder composed of submur. hydr. grs. xx., pulv, ipecac.

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inflammation, particularly in gonorrheal joint affections. Hot com-

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toward constipation. Bitter waters are contraindicated, as they are

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Heluan, which is about 4 hours from Cairo and much better sheltered

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blood on a slide under the microscope. 10 c. c. of this fluid were then

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thalmic Goitre, which is devoted to the consideration of the author to whom

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ioiDa of obstruction have disappeared— cyanosis, (edema, and cold in the

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which covered a great part of these surfaces. It was, however, only in these

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fossa when upon left side. Middle hypogastric region tender on pressure ;

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of this journal — one who, — as we on a former occasion expressed, and as has

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a form quite out of keeping with the volumes by whose side this excel-

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interesting communication elucidative of the matter by D. Von Hoefft of St.

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symptoms were : slight dysphagia, giddiness, headache. Ophthalmoscopic ex-

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basement membrane. The inhaled pigment particles find access to the

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able guide lies before him ; one exactly adapted to the needs of those to

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Care oi the Heart. — ^Whai once the disease has been established, the

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Temperature and many special conditions prevent the reproduction of

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even to 54^-60^. The patient should now wash and rub himself and