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sented itself by which I was able not only to obtain an accurate record of

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of softening extended inward through the white substance to the posterior

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vein is a favourable condition, and diminishes the risks arising from the

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everywhere of an intensely red colour, and presented a striking contrast

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gentleman whom I met several years ago abroad, who always suffered from coryza

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stone the size of an olive. Death took place in sixty-five hours from

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bad, Elster, Pyrmont, Cudowa) , are the most useful ; ordinary salt spnop

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while the patient is not eating, care must be taken to keep the mouth clean.

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and thorough treatment of the last after acute nasal or throat invobe-

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electrical treatment in several sections. For instance there have bees

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after which she was found to be paralyzed on the right side, deaf, and to be in-

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arrangement and description of these various topics have been wisely

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which are the vagal respiratory sympathetic centripetal fibres, which represent

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of apparent morbus maculosus Werlhofii of the worst kind. In general,

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It must be at once perceived that my patient was a woman of extraor-

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The granulations in the tympanic cavity were touched with a strong solu-

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they are passed through the liver and biliary passages and in the process

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Immediately back of this lies the fourth, and near the posterior third of the

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treatment. The patient is given a good breakfast, then limited to flnft

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ing portions of the register in Mme. Seller's work.

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The Rockefeller Institute Hospital utilizes the following values :

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being only one- or two-storied. It is further to be noticed that extreme

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Eunatrol (sodium oleate) seems to have an equally questionaUe eftet

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of the right eye. At the same time, a high degree of amblyopia set in along

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Hofmeier accepts this as true for a few cases, but not for all. The latest explana-

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crenated [italic writer's], while in others, particularly where the corpus-

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posterior wall and extending forwards covered at first with intact mucous

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One patient, the subject of the crotchet delivery alluded to in the last

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12th. Is now improving greatly each day ; the cavities of the abscesses

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fear. He concludes that neurasthenia is primarily a mental disordff

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Sfbcifio Therapy. — Employment of typhoid vaccine dunn^ the eoone

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sustained tone of the vessels^ which persists for scmie time and causes an

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[During the past flve years this drug has been the subject of consideraUe

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antitoxin. (3) It has helped us in the diagnosis of clinically doubtful

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dyspepsia. The author of the paper specifies further, that there are patients in

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Acid, hydrochloriei or lactici 3.00. . . . . .ntidr

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cause of the disorder of smell as intracranial are of little weight, because

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After instruction the patient can perform this operati<m himself; altboogh

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quantities, the greater part being soon emptied into the intestine. Large