justifiable in these terrible cases seemed to be the conclusion of those

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One Hundred and Eighteenth Annual Session, 1883-84.

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the actoal operation, which of these is the most adyisable. [Hie author

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his care. The purulent discharge, in spite of the most assiduous treatment, con-

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mitted, Kaposi feels authorized in adding a new variety to the forms of diabetic

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the " venereal ulcer." In connection with the history of the chancroid,

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carbohydrate, fasting should be practised one day in seven; when the

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common br^Eul, it is evidently not to be used with impunity. The same

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and no bad results ensue.] Recently the autiior has followed Leobe

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be more readily absorbed. *' Neapolitan Ointment/' a favorite because

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and on physiological grounds, the use of the term " neck of the bladder."

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The committee, therefore, believing that for such persons the daily use of salicylic

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in the form of whiskey well diluted with water and sometimes with milk

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Cough from the Throat. — A frequent source of cough in tracheo-

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% well equipped sanatorium, would naturally succeed in curing a large

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In the text-books the degree of asystolism is regarded almost to the exclusion of

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prevent painful accumulation of milk. At 11.30 she had a chill,

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accumulation in the sigmoid or the flexures of the colon, as shown I7

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those by whom they are employed. A number of useful suggestions are

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both animals and men confirm this view, and so far no detrimental eiEeeto

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Dsoeiated with this attack. If the attack was severe enough to require

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head, by Mr. Perry, which was presented to the Royal Medical and Chirur-

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the cornea, together with an elevation of the ciliary border of the lower

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of cream of tartar whey aiay be used daily instead of the milk, if we

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cathartic or enema. To decide whether the treatment has sacceeded, or

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suffering patients, in the language of the 52d chapter of Isaiah, " loose

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A 2 per cent, solution of carbolic acid is good in many cases, but musk be

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There was marked occipital depression and " looseness" of cranial bones,

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exercise and fresh air; the care of the skin, the month and all mnoons

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of ergot with one of a 2 i>er cent, solution of morphine, filling the syringe

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changes through which these air- vesicle cells pass to arrive at the flat-