their names as volunteers at the Val-de-Grace. — Dr. Cunier, of the

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In some cases, the necessity for further operative procedure will be re-

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have a general direction parallel to the surface of the coat. Amongst

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24; died, I ; remaining on register, 56; examined and found free from

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* Read in tlie Midwifery Section at ttie Annuaf Meeting of the British Medical

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in regard to many of these minulia;. For instance, Dr. Salter objects

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General Medical Council, who were here now, attend on that occasion?

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dates, between fifty and si.Kty cases; and the deaths seem to have been

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is here that good sense, knowledge of the world, kindliness of temper,

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The last comer to our Association and youngest sister among the sec-

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The kidney is the chief natural outlet for superfluous liquid. A free

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of the chloroform ; no symptoms of "cramp" have since appeared, and the ducks

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of any required length, in which is placed a perforated drainer, of

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what we have to insist on is, that they all shall be considered as funda-

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sideration in Committee on the 30th of June, to give effect to the

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times like the present, when great schemes of reform, long conceived,

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It may possibly appear to you that the imposition of this new class

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of the Winter Session of the last year of study. In the case of Candi-

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—unfortunately mainly permissive — and of private persons to take those

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The catUe-plague observed a few weeks since in the Palatinate, and

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Under the designation of chlor-alum, Mr. John Gamgee has introduced

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of matter attracts every other particle." {Life of Sir Isaac h'ezvton, by

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of greenish-coloured bile. There is no eruption on the skin; the tongue is

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so general in the town as in the country. This fact must probably be

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poison on the mountain, and that this the means which he was

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London; Dr. Murchison, London; Mr. J. W. Barnes, London; Dr. Glyn, Liver-

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ter. Mr. Clark was by no means bound to follow Mr. Curling's

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the boys were operated on by lithotomy. Eighteen of the patients re-

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On August 31st, Emma — , aged twelve months, came under my care

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Medicine, Practical Anatomy, Operative Surgery, and Diseases of the

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All that ought to be taken into account. The speaker concluded by

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tion of moisture, leads to contamination of the outer layers especially

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£(> 6s.; perpetual to both, ^'^'31 los. Lock Hospital attached to the

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From these, ten in all. Dr. Smith concludes that three displacements

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