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junction of the upper and middle thirds of its anterior

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In four weeks, to my astonishment, the hones icere not only restored,

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condition, will rally the vital forces to the assistance of the suffer-

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ter muscle — consequently, walking, lifting, going to stool, &c. ; will

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what has been termed Embryology and the theory of types," origi-

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Nov. 24. The leg having been dressed firmly with pasteboard

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nomen. The writer tells us that this li system consisted in the harmoni-

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ularly adapted to low and typhoid states of the system.

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cases upon my fingers, after the experience of more than half a

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It will be remembered that this structure is composed of three

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1857, p. 177), strangely enough, ignores Prof. Paine and his

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secondary sequela, and complications, wholly distinct from Croup, and calling

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the internal oblique and transversalis muscles to the canal must

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these organs themselves — as if, indeed, under the same cir-

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On motion of Dr. Palmer, the following new members were elected : Dr

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mucosa pops out between the couplers as a pulpy mass. A

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forcible frictions of the parts affected, with a hard sponge, soaked

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added in unusual cases, the axillary pad and elbow bandage, or

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slightest touch was insupportable. I thought this an excellent

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further observes, "I carefully observed its effects as a nutrient

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is nothing more than what is termed by medical writers " conges-

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a day. 6. The principal diseases in which it has been employed with

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to have more than one thread and a single puncture. The seton of

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A tubule, the addition of water will dissolve the cell-

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A Surgical Operation under the influence of " Local Anaesthesia"

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and Surgeons of the University of the State of New York. Philadelphia :

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is it ascertained that the Typhoid Fever of Louis, Gerhard, Jackson,

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