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Baths. — The patient may take a course of treatment at the baths
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finement. Death in this case occurred very much in the same way
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amount of repetition. What, however, we have most to complain of.
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coagulation, in consequence of the action of bacteria, is ended and com-
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includes the cause of labour, the changes in the uterus and cervix,
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acid. No difficulty whatever in micturition, and action of the
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but then at least we have ocular demonstration of the truth.
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the placenta remained attached to any portion of the uterus, the
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the chance of spontaneous recovery was good. This fact, taken
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growth appeared upon +1. agar, or upon one per cent glucose agar.
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blunting and dulness of the intellectual powers, even idiocy, while
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lapse, and the partial or complete detachment of the placenta " (p.
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type, is always a serious disease, especially in children and old people.
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performed according to Surgeon Bontecou's plan for long-standing
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only for a limited time, should sometimes decrease the dose, and should
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taining iron and phosphorus, is to be recommended. Since its phos-
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This can best be carried out by using a fixed quantity, say o. i c.c,
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tentions of the manufacturers, digipuratum, digitalysatum, digalen and
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came under my care towards the end of March 1869. Her previous
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first two may be kept on for days at a time, being removed every third
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the afternoon he was wild, and had seven epileptic attacks, and
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when the affected persons leave the district, and are sent to Europe
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gm. of plasma there are 0.12 gm. of fat. The o. i gm. of lecithin
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Agar-agar. — A medium-sized, soft, moist, elevated, translucent growth with
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John Duncan, Dr Thomas R. Fraser, Dr J. D. Brakenridge, Dr