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" electricity," or the like. From the stand-point of "rational"

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He has served with the British Expeditionary Forces, being attached

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New York, December 5, 1827. His ancestors emigrated from England

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morbid process be diverted to some other or special part or

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longed to the Century and Authors clubs. He was the author of

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that such a state can be termed one of anaemia ; and in this

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spection of the clothes which at the aperture of entry show loss

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Germany, who had three sons, all practicing physicians of the United

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true nature of the disease in the case of a man who had

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to groups of symptoms resembling the symptoms of opium.

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and secondary. Primary anaemia is developed as an apparently primary and

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death in confinement. Most of the deaths in confiaement

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was so satisfactory, and so many were cured, that the new

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In 1866 he enlered the College of Physicians and Sur-

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in the public schools and the College of the City of New York. In

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lateral deviation. But it is a mistake, and we have seen

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a hospital with one hundred beds, an aseptic mater-

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treatment — application of dry dressing, rendered antiseptic

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chronic in character, required sixty, sixty-five, and eighty grains

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has removed the uterus by the vagina for cancer and

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Settling for practice in New York City, he made a specialty of

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they are larger when caused by shrapnel bullets or shell

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17, i84[, and is a direct descendant, on his father's side,

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out by clinical facts. There is no doubt, for instance, that dis-

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when germicides have, in their turn, been given up under the in-

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again. Six months later, on the twenty-sixth day of December,

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ceive of a respiratory, a digestive, or an excretory or secretory

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bleeding, in spite of the gaping of the large arteries.

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telmisartan hydrochlorothiazide combination therapy in the treatment of essential hypertension

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and its varying mortality are rather confusing and contradictory.

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belladonna, for its special form of congestive headaches ; and so

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Climatological Society, of the Association of Military Surgeons of the

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and also one of the Vice-Presidents of the Association,

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The facts in connection with the present epidemic go to

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sion apparatus. We do not believe that the first-mentioned

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largely gynaecological and in difficulties of the pelvic

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operative interference, aseptic exploration is allowable and often

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Hemorrhage into the Substance of the Spinal Cord — Spinal Apoplexy —