it acts in a very satisfactory manner. In dysmenorrhea it aids
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organism vary somewhat according to whether the growth is in a
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I. Yenereal Diseases — Syphilis; general division of the subject —
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hiccough, flatulency and distress of the stomach, and disorders
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height, erect, alert, he carries his handsome white
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and what is the common standard of healthy activities.
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and stones, because both are difficult of digestion. The
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cians generally have in mind when they use this term, a stage so
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ical Pathological Histology,"* proposes a settlement of the
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In describing this action to another, it is necessary, first, that
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dance, and specimens can be readily preserved. Quite soon the
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for a man's following medicine : either he loves his
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Even if this knowledge did not point us to special remedies,
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note its effects from hour to hour. Let us call this the second
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fundamental laboratories. The Wassermann reaction may be
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irritation, and it is claimed it is through this same influence that
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recommended as a remedy for scrofula and syphilis. In our
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Hydrastis constitutes a valuable local application, and may
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is feeble, and we have anything in our materia medica that will
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the tunica vaginalis, there is this contracted, incompressible ar-
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"The temperature may be below normal in cases of collapse,
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lung. Or it may be clear, well sustained and more or less reso-
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for repute" has emboldened many to undertake operations
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and puffed tongue, covered with a white or yellowish mucus ;
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are seized, drawn outwards, and the part of the Iris, thus
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logically, the urine is rendered pale in anemia, and in those con-
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midway marked U and another near the top, marked R. The
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of these animals, are in a great measure, disinclined to in-
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% XoTE BY THE Editor. — We havc not had an opportunity of testing
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tension as to prevent the convulsive explosion. In the nervous-
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nerve irritating properties than the last-named remedy. Nux
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face (bright), bright eyes, contracted pupils, increased tempera-