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During the winter months of 1888, the patient became unable to go

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glycogen — namely, the formation of glycogen which is too easily transformed ;

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the course of a disease which either does not give rise to anaemia or does

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In some primary affections of the mastoid the middle ear may not partici-

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it more liable to contain fecal concretions, and thus more liable

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closely adherent to the ureter, or to a coil of the ileum, or be found deeply

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resistant mass is formed by the stagnation of fecal matter.

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Hunter finally takes up the consideration of the excretion of iron in the

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the body. Dissemination of the infectious material through the blood

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settled in favor of the spasmodic or neurotic theory. The author con-

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according to the necessities of each particular case.

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diseases of the throat and tonsils is very satisfactory, and the

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These cases represent no special form of insanity. Both are irritable

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will give the requisite care to the sick in the community. Some

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before the second year, and that the disease is known to begin as early