about 36 hoars. The temperature now reaches from 4(ML1^ G. (IM*-

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most valuable researches in serpent venom, declares the blood cor-

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from disease," and the inner two described as "healthy;" the consideration of the

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don, the slightest movement of the elbow backwards was followed by acute pain, pre-

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tions of the tonsils showed several of the vessels plugged with streptococci. The

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index of the susceptibility or non-susceptibility of individuals to diph-

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From this time he progressed rapidly toward recovery, and in less than a week

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affected. I have found it equally successful in another case, in which the

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On looking through this volume, we find it characterized by the same

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for organic disease of the stomach or intestine (e,g,, chronic catarrh m

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than in most cities. Holt advises 600 to 800 units for a nurse in charge

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varying between pinheads and beans in size, developed upon its back. At these

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chronic oedema in Bright 's disease in consequence of the insufficiencj

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carotid artery and ligature of the common trunk, the blood would find its

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right and the left chamber report with " nasal catarrh."

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hence of the urine. It is best given not as pure citric acid but as lemon

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she was kept wrapped in wool for three weeks, and not dressed until that

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labour required by such a business himself. For the ten years before this time

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mediate lesion. Ferrier, 2 by comparative experiment, places the centres

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Weeks may pass when he is comparatively free from pain ; at other times

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tangible evidence in favor of such a mode of procedure. On one section

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Grs. xlv of boracic acid added to a quart of water is an excellent preparation

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ippropriate sanatorium. The choice of diet has been much disputed,

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ing laboured ; and he was weak and faint. Ammonia was at once used hypo-

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to control the vomiting, as foUows: creosote, minims 3-10:100.0 G.

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