Infirmary, all such cases of hydatid cysts have been at once
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If the opening be valvular the lung does not retract, so that
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pustule, with a hard base, which leads to the formation of
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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he
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the percentage of severe cases was 9 in the vaccinated and 78
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In this case ISO grs. hiomol were taken in sixteen days, but the benefit
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the police may institute proceedings, and so keep the dealers
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F., 9.:!o. Operation l)ays.—\., 1..30, S., 2 ; (Obstetrical), Th., 2.
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settlement of proceedings threatened by one member against another.
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lessened virulence of attack, it has in some eases led also to
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pedic, M., 2.30 ; Dental. Tu. F., 9. Operation Days.—U. Tu. W»
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13 out of 31) were absent on sick leave at one time, and only
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affected houses which they had been practising from the
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be held in the Museum, College Square North, Belfast, on Thursday,
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Sanitary Committee of Leeds would carry out the law as
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dilating operations, it is easy to distinguish between the
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had been nearly three months hors de coynbat, and was anxious
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•seen on all, those upon the bine being larger and coarser than
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part of the posterior surface of the uterus. Having detached
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etc., concerned in mathematical practice, meteorological prac-
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medical department, he declined to place any of them on the
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politan Hospital was held at the Hotel M^tropole on May 1st
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how many instances the disease might be said to have spread
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found to be true tumour growth. In one case operated upon
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Alteration of Premises. Lease of Premises, and f „„ . , , .
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who are fortunate enough to live within the jurisdiction of the
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parent difference in the condition and sanitary surroundings
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otherwise, and now its very existence appears to be threatened. How
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pointed Surgeon 1th District, and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence
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Prince of Wales's North Staffordsliire Regiment (late the 2nd Stafford-
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t'vidently been given to Mr. Godwin in cousideraiion of his
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delays a consolidated medical corps with revised titles, and
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from u\edu are also mentioned. They occur, besides, with no great
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be held in the Museum, College Square North, Belfast, on Thursday,
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thirty-two provincial towns, among which the death-rate ranged from
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successful treatment of cases of hydatid disease by incision,
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the Alhambra, and it now stands almost entirely clear of the
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find that I have carried my incision well into the conjunctiva
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