In the later stages, when contraction has begun, confusion is just
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character of psoriasis, and on their removal no hyperaemic papillae are
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Lipoma. — Fatty tumours are rarely if ever found in the skin itself.
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Van Helmont notices, "was happily practised in England."
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fourteenth century, of which the Black Death was the most
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microscopic examination the elastic fibres are seen to be thickened and
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rise together, and as phosphorus has a beneficial action in both affections ;
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bacteria by filtration, but it must be borne in mind that not all
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supervenes upon some already existing chronic affection of the skin ; of
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tions is quick, and is easily quickened by stimulation ; the sphygmo-
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influence in causing the suppuration of acne. Many persons who are
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/. If specimens are not fresh, it is preferable to wash the cells
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in children. A common story is that the child is " doing sums in his
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female urethra is a mixture of nsevoid with papillomatous structures.
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table to the Bishop of Sodor and Man, "Garrick going to
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improve the nutrition of the patient in every possible way by good
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woman under my care some years ago who was admitted into hospital
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corresponding or travelling vermicule stage also. The same remarks
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very variable size, and sometimes attain several millimetres in thick-
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The skill of the early physicians was speedily put to the
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Dr. Beauford lived in times when politicians were noth-
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soft mucous membrane instead of on the harder skin. In fact, it is
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over the nape of the neck and the ear. In these situations it takes the
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Derm. March 1890.— 15. Kaposi. Text-Book.— 16. Idem. "Ueber die Frage des