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and entitled " Researches on Certain Points of the Semeiology of Affections
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of the old way. Then, it was a cut to the bone and a free removal of this.
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designed to disinfect the respiratory passages and is based on the
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gradually raised to 10 or even 20 a day. The author does not approve
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he instantly felt something snap, followed by a stinging pain in his left
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1884,] Yarrow, Poisoning from the Bite of a Copperhead. 429
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blood corpuscles, are often surrounded with numerous fat vesicles, which
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another, the papillae became raised and enlarged, the epidermis became
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able, patient leprous." " Exhausted from long labour — version and cra-
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echinococeus, tuberculosis) belong to the domain of surgery bQrond the
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noticed, followed by a marked convulsion with slight opisthotonos ; this
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the last stage of intoxication that the heart ceases to beat. These modifications
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Hyi«otherapy. — ^More important than any drug for reducing fever
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this most important psychical measure. Stevenson's Ufe has often stimu-
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trunk. Three days later he presented the following symptoms : Slight swelling
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nation are fairly good, says he feels more like himself, but thinks he is
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simply a diminution in the degree of visual power ; and in one of these
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mass of fibrous aspect. There was also a cancerous pelvic peritonitis. In the
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of this important organ merit specific measures. An accompanying dis-