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Golden Gate Park is the pride of the city, and great reason

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sudden and marked elevation of temperature, accompanied or not by

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interstitial pneumonia as a lingering, but incurable disease.

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when we are, as often happens, at our wits' end for something

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monia occurs quite frequently. Contusions of the thorax by lowering

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In the lightest forms the fastigium may be practically absent,

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are much larger, but have much less sugar. Raw, they usu-

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This treatment is repeated daily, the temperature of the water being

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not very strong in protein, but has too much fat. Of the

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under the influence of formaldehyde vapor for forty hours,

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salicylic acid and its salts, and methyl salicylate as it exists

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quently seen here. The best white Burgundy of the Cote

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(Ernst), though some are of contrary opinion (Flick, Sidney Martin,

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genic germ, an anaerobic bacillus resembling the bacillus of

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